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Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress Review

The Sealy Soybean comes with quite a reputation. Voted as the best pad for two consecutive years (Women’s Choice Awards), this mattress uses a soybean based foam to provide added comfort and to give the mattress a natural touch.

So does it actually stand to the reputation? Let’s find out!

Initial Impressions

When you open the packaging there is no smell whatsoever and the mattress seems firm and well-constructed. The edges also seem firm. However the labelling states that the mattress uses 25% cotton felt and the rest is polyurethane (More on that later).  It’s also lightweight and waterproof cover seems secure.


Foam mattresses are generally comfortable, and the Sealy Soybean is no different. With a 1.5 pound density foam, it is firm enough for new-borns and the generous cotton wrapping around the mattress provides ideal comfort for toddlers. However advertised soybean doesn’t have a direct impact on the overall comfort.

Finally the CertiPur-US certification puts a stamp on the durability and the mattress will easily last for four years. 


Changing sheets won’t be a tedious task with this. It weighs close to 8.5 pounds and moms can lift the mattress easily with one hand. Sealy has managed to keep the weight down without compromising on durability and comfort.  In this regard it gives tough competition to Colgate Eco Classica III (which costs a little more).


The Sealy Soybean does a reasonable job at waterproofing. The firm binding near the edges shields the core of the mattress from liquids. The cover keeps the stains at bay and you can easily wipe it clean. If you need further protection from liquids you can buy the American Baby Mattress pad cover.


Even though Sealy heavily advertises soybean, the mattress doesn’t have much of that. Manufacturers are allowed to brand their mattresses as soy based even if they have less than 5% of that. We couldn’t find exact amount of soybean used in this particular mattress.

So the question arises, is the mattress safe?


It has the respected Greenguard gold certification which validates that this is free from any harmful substance like formaldehyde, lead or PBDEs. The Certipur-US certification checks that this is also free harmful gas emissions.  If you want to give you a completely organic & natural environment, the Naturepedic No Compromise mattresses would do a much better job.

The Final Verdict

Overall this mattress is recommended if you want hassle-free cleaning and a comfortable, durable mattress for your little one.

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